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Introduction to IMFO

To be a recognised professional body for the development and promotion of municipal finance officers and local government


Providing, within the statutory framework, effective financial accounting advice, as well as setting and maintaining high financial standards and controls in the area of local government finance, to all levels of government and stakeholders, to benefit the community.


The main objective of the Institute is to Further the Interests of Local Government in the Financial and related areas by:
  • advising institutions, commissions and other bodies and person.
  • the training and advancing of knowledge of members of the Institute, and
  • the promotion of the interests of the profession of municipal finance officers.a
"We must remember that transformation and change are not limited to specific time frames; they must become part of our daily tasks. The value of one's career is never measured by what you put in or get out, but by what you leave behind for the next generation to build on". - a word by one of IMFO's long standing members.
Audit and Risk Indaba: 20-22 April 2015

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